Why is fashion important and matter to you?

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Why is fashion important and why should it matter to you? Truthfully, just like everything in life, different people will have different thoughts on this so answers will vary person to person. We must also consider that fashion is not something that everyone considers important but it is a way of our lifestyle, now I’m going to give you my answer as to why it’s important to me and build up a bit of a fashion foundation along the way. So let’s start with something pivotal here: what is fashion? According to my pinion fashion is which is popular on trend. We always want to present our self updated. With every New Year which comes and goes new fashions arrive on the scene and they all endeavor to be more colorful and fashionable than those which saw last year.

Fashion really matter for our life to stay trendy and updated. I can coined some importance of fashion in everyday life

People of all ages are addicted to new trends in the world of fashion. There is a tremendous amount of competition within the industry and also among consumers. The style is also different among different cultures and nationalities, and this is why it’s so exciting when one travels to various parts of the world to observe firsthand how people dress in those countries. The clothes we wear has become more than merely a way to cover our nakedness instead it has also become one of the primary ways in which people express themselves Fashion matters. To the economy, to society and to each of us personally. Faster than anything else, what we wear tells the story of who we are – or who we want to be. Fashion can make you more creative everyday life. Most people question how fashion could possibly improve someone’s creativity. Every morning you get up and get dressed. You put some creative thought in what you wear. No matter if you’re going out with friends or to work. On a daily basis you have to put thought into what you wear.

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